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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products

Handcrafted in Thailand, these colour pencils are made from real twigs making each pencil unique. Set of 10 pencils with lots of different colours.

2 big boxes of non toxic wax colour crayons containing 36 crayons in each box.

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Letter Opener

Lightweight quality letter opener with stainless steel blade.

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Peace & Love Lanyard

A really cool, funky lanyard to hold ID for the office, work, festivals etc.

Essential office accessory - size 26/6.

Strong and durable magnifying glass giving clear 3x magnification.

For all your home and office stationery needs this 2 pack set contains at total of 14 fold back clips.

A great set of colouring pencils in 12 different brilliant vibrant colours.

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Date Stamp

High quality - tough wearing date stamp.

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Geisha Notepads

Set of two Geisha Notepads

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Eco Pen Set

Set of 3 ball point eco friendly pen set.