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Showing 1 - 24 of 64 products

White Sage is a herb sacred to North American Indians and is used for purification, healing and cleansing.

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Lodestone Food

Use to encourage prosperity, empower money drawing spells and attract greater success.

Sprinkle a little on the floor and sweep it up in the morning to help bring new opportunities and new beginnings into your life.

A set of 32 wooden Anglo Saxon runes and a black suede drawstring bag.

A deck of 44 Oracle Cards and an easy to follow guidebook will help you receive sensible advice on whatever question you pose.

Deep purple velvet on the outside and a pale pink satin lining on the inside with a purple drawstring cord, this is the perfect bag to hold all standard size tarot cards

A lovely double sided coin for Angel protection. Also a great Confirmation or Christening gift.

These small cymbals can be used in percussion or used in prayer and rituals by Buddhists.

A Buddhist bead bracelet with tiny Buddhist carvings on some of the beads.

Many native tribes in North America use Sweetgrass in prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies and consider it a sacred plant.

Juniper was valued by civilizations past as well as present indigenous cultures as a protective agent which banishes things injurious to ones's health.

Corn and Cornmeal in the Native American tradition are the food of the spirits and are traditionally given as offerings.

These 100% natural herbs are known for their rich scent and natural qualities and are suitable in the purification of your home, meditation and other rituals.

A wonderful little Angel figurine holding a heart for love. Perfect as a Spiritual, Christening, Confirmation gift etc.

This 3D Guardian Angel keyring is completely transparent but looks different from the front, side and back to make it appear you are carrying a real little Angel every where you go.

One side has an Angel with the words 'Protected By Angels' and the other side has Angels circling the Earth for protection. Keep on you at all times for Angel protection.

A wonderful little item to carry with you everywhere for protection, peace and love.

Black velvet effect on the outside embroidered with a golden Pentacle surrounded by green ivy and black drawstring cords.

Yerba Santa Leaf has been used for centuries and is burned as incense and in smudge pots.

A fantastic decorative item to bring peace and tranquility to any room.