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Showing 1 - 24 of 96 products

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Lodestone Food

Use to encourage prosperity, empower money drawing spells and attract greater success.

Sprinkle a little on the floor and sweep it up in the morning to help bring new opportunities and new beginnings into your life.

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Graveyard Dirt

A potent tool for use in rituals dealing with Spirits, protection, enemy tricks and love.

One of our best selling oils, Rue is often used to ward off evil spirits, curses and give protection against evil in the home.

When seeking knowledge, wisdom or advice from the spirits, this is the Magickal Oil to use.

A unique spell kit to capture the heart of the one you desire.

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Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are said to increase the potency of your magic. The pack contains 5 coffin nails and full instructions for their use.

The Sigillum Dei Ameth also known as the Seal of God is a late Middle Ages medical diagram.

Bring romance and love into your life or capture the heart of the one you desire with these pink spell candles.

The original and only authorised edition of the famous 78 card Tarot deck designed by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

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Money Worry Doll

Little problem solvers! - The solutions to your troubles come to you in the night or in your dreams.

A unique secret blend of herbs and oils, which contains an aphrodisiac oil to ensure the most powerful effect.

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Tarot Card Box

A beautiful tarot box made from Sheesham wood with an intricate carved floral pattern lid.

This very special Magickal Oil, hand blended for maximum effect and containing a mixture of oils and herbs, is designed to cleanse the three main types of aura said to surround the body - etheric, main and spiritual.