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A unique Feng Shui item comprising of 2 buckets with a balancing cross bar.


A beautiful Chinese Calligraphy Set. Fantastic item for you to be creative or given as an unusual gift.

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Black Floral Sake Set


A wonderful Porcelain Sake Set, decorated in black and red floral designs with calligraphy.


A wonderful Porcelain Sake Set, decorated in the traditional and stylish Rice Pattern with blue design.


A wonderful Sake Set in a Cherry Blossom Design


Beautiful Chinese chopsticks comprising of 4 designs - Golden Stag, Red & Blue Dragon, Black & Blue Dragon and Water Carrier.


Perfect for cooling and calming the skin and smoothing wrinkles.


2 Porcelain rice bowls with a Chinese Dragon design and 2 chopsticks

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Geisha Notepads


Set of two Geisha Notepads


Made from Porcelain and decorated with a traditional Japanese Geisha. Set includes Sake bottle and 4 cups.

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Japanese Sushi Set


A wonderful two piece 'Peaceful Life Zen' Sushi Set in red and black.


10 pairs of chopsticks made from golden Jinsi Nanmu wood in a beautiful presentation box.


Laser etched Chinese dragon chasing a pearl within a clear cut, solid, lightweight glass block.


Inscribed in Chinese on both sides of the coin use for drawing money and wealth, protection and good luck.


The most common use for Chinese Coins in Feng Shui is for drawing money and wealth.


A great little set comprising of 3 lucky Chinese coins and a red Feng Shui envelope.


A wonderful Chinese Porcelain rice spoon set. Six spoons in each set.


Wonderful Japanese Sake Set in deep orange with Sake bottle and 4 cups.


A beautiful chopstick set comprising 4 designs - Black Dragon, White Dragon, Longevity and Double Happiness.


Comprising 6 stunning designs - Gold Butterflies, Red Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Pink Floral, White & Blue Floral, Green Floral


5 Stunning Floral Designs. High Quality Laquered Wood


These are superb replicas of the famous Chinese Terracotta Warriors.


A really special coaster set featuring the Terracotta Warrior Army on each coaster. Six coasters in the set and each coaster has a different warrior on it!