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Magickal Oils

Adam & Eve Magickal Love Oil
A potent, yet very fragrant attraction oil to capture the heart of another.
Agrimony Magickal Oil
For the removal of a curse, hex or jinx and the elimination of negative energy and spirits.
Amber Magickal Oil
Amber has been used in magic for centuries. Ancient Romans believed Amber protects from evil and heals from an illness.
Angels & Demons Magickal Oil
A very special Magickal Oil, hand blended for maximum effect.
Aura Cleansing Magickal Oil
This very special Magickal Oil, hand blended for maximum effect and containing a mixture of oils and herbs, is designed to cleanse the three main types of aura said to surround the body - etheric, main and spiritual.
Black Cat Magickal Oil
Use to help bring luck to games of chance, protection and to give fate a helping hand.
Cats Claw Magickal Oil
A potent magickal oil containing both Cat's Claw herb and Oil. Use this oil for all matters concerning health, purification and drawing money to you.
Chakra Cleansing Magickal Oil
A potent Magickal Oil specifically blended to help cleanse, recharge and balance the Chakras.
Clear Quartz Magickal Oil
This Clear Quartz Magickal Oil is a very potent and powerful aid to help with all aspects of healing and balancing the chakras.
Cleopatra Magickal Oil
A unique secret blend of herbs and oils, which contains an aphrodisiac oil to ensure the most powerful effect.
Deep Violet Magickal Oil
This Magickal Oil can be used in all matters relating to love. It can be particularly potent when wanting to attract new love and emotional matters such as mending a broken heart.
Dragons Blood Magickal Oil
This Dragons Blood Magickal Oil is a very potent and powerful oil and herb potion for all aspects of love, protection and strength.
Fast Luck Magickal Oil
This Magickal Oil can be used for bringing material wealth into the environment. Anoint spell candles, money, lottery tickets etc.
Frankincense Magickal Oil
A powerful ingredient for use in magickal spells relating to healing, protection and success.
Goddess Isis Magickal Oil
Named after the Egyptian goddess this oil can be used for all issues dealing with wisdom, knowledge, healing and kindness.
Gold Frankincense & Myrrh Magickal Oil Set
A unique Magickal Oil set comprising of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh. Three bottles of the highest quality oils blended with herbs and resins.
Guardian Angel Magickal Oil
A potent magickal oil to invoke your Guardian Angel. It can also be used to ask for spiritual wisdom.
High John Conqueror Magickal Oil
Another best selling oil often used in spells for protection, luck or healing.
Hyssop Magickal Oil
This oil can be used to rid a house of negativity, sprinkle on people or objects in need of purification, or sprinkle around the perimeters of your home as a self defence from negative energies and bad neighbours.
Lodestone Magickal Oil
This special Lodestone Magickal Oil is best used for magnetic attraction and issues dealing with love.
Mistletoe Magickal Oil
Mistletoe has had many uses through the ages and it is believed placing it at the the bedroom door will grant restful sleep and beautiful dreams and protection from evil spirits.
Poppy Seed Infused Magickal Oil
Poppy Seed Magickal Oil can be used in magickal workings relating to happiness, love and luck.
Road Opener Magickal Oil
This oil can be a very powerful tool to remove obstacles in your life, open up new opportunities and set a clear pathway to your goals and dreams.
Rock Quartz Infused Magickal Oil
Rock Quartz encourages emotional clarity and purity of the heart. It is also known to provide increased energy and enlightenment.
Rose Magickal Oil
A beautiful, fragrant magickal oil which is specially blended to aid in the attraction of love, healing and protection in the home.
Rue Magickal Oil
One of our best selling oils, Rue is often used to ward off evil spirits, curses and give protection against evil in the home.
Spell Breaking Magickal Oil
Use this oil for all matters to reverse and remove bad luck, negativity, curses etc.
Spiritual Healing Magickal Oil
This is a potent magickal oil to repair and sooth both mind and soul and re-connect with your spiritual side.
St Johns Wort Magickal Oil
A potent oil to be used in rituals to aid in matters of good health, willpower and strength to overcome difficult situations.
Starry Wisdom Magickal Oil
When seeking knowledge, wisdom or advice from the spirits, this is the Magickal Oil to use.
Super Strength Protection Oil
An extra strength oil , specially blended from a mixture of oils and herbs to protect against jinx, curses and the evil eye.
Vervain Magickal Oil
In folklore Vervain was known and used as an aphrodisiac, however Vervain is also known to have protective properties.
Wall of Protection Magickal Oil
This Wall of Protection Magickal Oil is a very potent and powerful oil and herb potion to help provide protection against evil and harm.
Witches Grass Magickal Oil
Traditionally aligned with Jupiter, this Witches Grass Magickal Oil can be used for happiness, good luck, obstacle removal and unhexing rituals.
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