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Bath & Body

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Only the best quality, secure hold hair grips/Bobby Pins/Kirby Grips in this pack


A unique spell kit to capture the heart of the one you desire.


A baby bath thermometer to check the temperature of the water accurately.


Set includes nail clippers, scissors and safety cover.


A fantastic baby toothbrush set comprising of 3 toothbrush with small brush head and super soft bristles.


Made from eco friendly, sustainable bamboo with a medium soft charcoal brush.

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Beard Comb


A two sided beard comb perfect for ensuring your beard stays in shape and in a truly great condition.


It is believed that rotating the balls around each other in the palm of your hand stimulates various acupressure points that help stimulate the flow of Qi or Chi.


Perfect for Festivals, Camping, Work/Office etc - 8 different fragrances to choose from!


Ideal for use as a dressing retention for cuts and wounds.


Best quality stainless steel curved edge, arrow point, cuticle nail scissors.


An easy to use, lightweight digital thermometer. Batteries included.


Pleasure Me Condoms Durex Condoms! - ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation.


A lightweight, compact kit, perfect for home, office, travel, camping, festivals, biking etc.


A lightweight, compact kit, perfect for home, office, travel, camping, festivals, biking etc. Contains 24 essential first aid pieces.

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Fish Shape Soap Dish


A fantastic quality, stylish soap dish made from sustainable Hemu wood in the shape of a fish.


Let the ridges massage deep into different parts of your foot. A little bit of heaven for tired feet.


This hydrating hand lotion is enriched with plant derived essential oils. Free from Parabens and Isothiazolinones.


3 boxes of specially formulated toothpaste for gentle cleansing and fresh breath. A FREE toothbrush is included in each pack.


A fantastic quality, simple, yet stylish soap dish made from sustainable Hemu wood.

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Henna Tubes


Box of 12 Henna tubes Mehandi cones. Create exquisite body art.


Ear candle protector discs are essential when using ear candles to protect the face from heat and falling ash.


A great inflatable neck cushion which is flock covered for extra comfort.