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3 Kings Incense Resin
Burn for Holy celebration and to cleanse a space from negativity and bad spirits.
Abacus Keyring
A miniature, fully functioning eight bar abacus on a keyring.
Adam & Eve Love Roots
Principally used by lovers, each lover carries a root which is absolutely unique.
Altar Cloth
An essential item to decorate your sacred space.
Angel Oracle Tarot Bag
A great looking Tarot bag which will hold all standard size Oracle or Tarot cards.
Archangel Gabriel Pocket Shield
A wonderful little item to carry with you everywhere for protection, peace and love.
Archangel Michael Pocket Shield
A wonderful little item to carry with you everywhere for protection, courage & strength.
Bamboo Bucket Scales
A unique Feng Shui item comprising of 2 buckets with a balancing cross bar.
Bamboo Toothbrush
Made from eco friendly, sustainable bamboo with a medium soft charcoal brush.
Baphomet Incense Cone Holder
A unique item which can be used either as an incense cone holder or a candle holder as well.
Bee Print Bamboo Cutlery Set
Made form Bamboo which is one of the world's most sustainable materials this eco friendly cutlery set comprises of knife, fork and spoon.
Beeswax Tea Light Candles
100% natural beeswax with a delicate honey scent.
Blue & White Rice Pattern Porcelain Sake Set
A wonderful Porcelain Sake Set, decorated in the traditional and stylish Rice Pattern with blue design.
Brass Candle Snuffer
Golden brass candle snuffer with hinged moving bell - perfect for extinguishing candles cleanly and safely.
Buddha Healing Hand Hanging Charm
Keep for love peace and protection.
Buddha Tea Light Candle Holder
Buddha triple candle holder including three lotus flower shape candles.
Buddha Trinket Box
A wonderful, unusual trinket box with a colour Buddha design.
Carnelian Palm Stone Worry Stone
Deep orange/red/brown in colour Carnelian has many uses including energy, leadership and motivation.
Carved Pentagram Journal
A beautiful and unique Spell Book or Journal with hard wood effect covers with a Pentagram carving etched on the front cover. Fifty hand made parchment effect pages.
Cast Iron Lotus Flower Incense Burner
A high quality cast iron incense burner. Perfect for burning resin in charcoal discs.
Cauldron Egg Cup
A completely unique design, this cauldron egg cup is perfect for any table.
Celtic Knot Incense Resin Burner
A great, simple but stylish, incense resin burner in the shape of a cauldron standing on 3 small legs.
Chakra Balancing Bead Bracelet
Seven different colour gem & stones represents the seven Chakras - Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base - make up this bracelet.
Chakra Dinner Candle Set
This multi colour candle set representing the seven Chakras is truly beautiful. Each candle is a different colour to represent the Chakras and each with a different scent
Chakra Gemstone Chip Set
A beautiful set of gemstones representing the 7 Chakras.
Church Mix Incense Resin
Burn to emit a Holy Smoke and to connect to Spiritual realms.
Copal Incense Resin
The oldest kind of incense in the world dating back thousands of years.
Dark Raven Wand
A beautiful wand with a dark red eye Raven perched over a black orb and twisting carved branch.
Doreen Virtue - Earth Angels
A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-Ins and Wizards
Dragons Blood Back Flow Incense Cones
Highly fragrant back flow incense cones in the distinctive Dragons Blood scent.
Dragons Blood Incense Resin
Use for matters concerning protection, banishing and increasing the potency of spell work.
Dragons Blood Incense Sticks
25 beautifully scented sticks in a pack with a great burn time. Approx 25cm long.
Dragons Head Candle Holder
Superb detailing and colours on this holder. A free candle is included!.
Fast Luck Bath Spell Kit
This Fast Luck Bath Spell Kit comprises everything you need to help open your world to all the possibilities and good fortune you deserve.
Flaming Dragon Incense Holder
A large Dragon incense holder/ash catcher with flame breathing design.
Fortune Telling Teacup & Saucer
An absolutely amazing item and completely unique! - a teacup to use for reading tea leaves.
Gentleman's Credit Card Holder
Quality leather holder which holds 3 credit/debit cards or travel pass.
Go Away Evil Incense Resin
Burn to clear negative energies and bring positivity into your life.
Goddess Smudge Bowl
A wonderful, large Smudge Bowl for burning Native American Smudge Sticks or herbs during smudging and other ceremonial practices.
Gothic Coffin & Dragon Trinket Box
A truly unique box - black and purple in colour. Hinged lid with two dragons opens to show 3 individual compartments.
Gothic Skull Tea Light Candle Holder
A unique skull tea light candle holder. A free tea light candle is included!.
Grim Reaper Glow In The Dark T-Shirt
This superb and totally unique T-Shirt from Hot Rock has to be seen to be believed!
Hip Flask
Made from high quality stainless steel it has a screw & flip cap and a 6oz capacity.
House Cleansing Incense Resin
Burn for Spiritual Clearing, Protection and a fresh start. 
House Cleansing Smudge Kit
Smudge Sticks and Ceremonial herbs have been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years for purification and protection.
Howling Wolf Tarot Card Bag
Black velvet embroidered with a Howling Wolf ~ plus a black drawstring cord.
Incense Coil Set
A wonderful set of incense coils containing four large coils in four different amazing fragrances!
Jinsi Nanmu Chopstick Set
10 pairs of chopsticks made from golden Jinsi Nanmu wood in a beautiful presentation box.
Jute Soap Bag
A natural washed Jute soap bag which is biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.
Love Scented Candle
A highly fragrant white pillar candle in a glass tube with a colourful love design.
Lucky Chinese Coins & Envelope Set
A great little set comprising of 3 lucky Chinese coins and a red Feng Shui envelope.
Mallah Meditation Beads
The highest quality wooden Mallah meditation beads which are used for prayer and meditation.
Marilyn Monroe Wall Plaque
A fantastic vintage style metal wall plaque with stunning artwork from the film 'How To Marry A Millionaire'.
Merlin's Favourite Earl Grey Tea
This fresh tasting unique blend has become one of the nation's favourite teas and it's all blended using some Merlin magic.
Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides
A deck of 44 Oracle Cards and an easy to follow guidebook will help you receive sensible advice on whatever question you pose.
Mini Magick Broomstick
Use this lucky little broomstick to sweep away negativity and bring love and luck into every room.
Mini Treasure Chest
A decorative, leather bound mini treasure chest with 150g of assorted crystal tumblestones.
Moon Phases Lunar Mug
A unique mug showing the phases of the moon in the night sky dotted with white stars.
Moonstone Leather Journal Notebook
A beautiful leather journal decorated with a central Moonstone and intricate leather decoration on the front and back covers.
My Bucket List Book
80 blank recycled handmade sheets of white paper with a filing pocket on the inside cover.
Nag Champa Votive Candle Set
Set of 3 highly scented votive candles in the ever popular Nag Champa fragrance.
Opium Scented Tea Lights
Black In colour these are one of our top selling candles, find out why with this distinctive Opium scent.
Original Stormtrooper Cool Bag in Black
A fantastic cool bag lunch bag with black Stormtrooper design.
Original Stormtrooper in Black & Gold
The double walled design feature keeps water cold for over 6 hours and hot drinks warm for 12 hours.
Original Stormtrooper Insulated Bottle
The double walled design feature keeps water cold for over 6 hours and hot drinks warm for 12 hours.
Original Stormtrooper Insulated Bottle With Digital Thermometer
This bottle features a touch activated digital thermometer display and a detachable tea strainer.
Original Stormtrooper Insulated Lunch Pot
Perfect for work, school, picnics and other outdoor activities.
Original Stormtrooper Stacked Lunch Box
A fantastic stacked lunch box with 3 compartments - 2 for food and 1 for holding the fork and spoon
Original Stormtrooper Watch
A fun Original Stormtrooper LED Silicone watch in either black or white.
Our Family Adventure Book
A wonderful unique hand made leather journal to keep a record of your exciting adventures and journeys as a family.
Palm Reading Coaster Set
Set comprises of 4 coasters in black and gold with an open palm design, labels and astrological symbols.
Palo Santo Holy Wood Chips
Widely used in Native American smudging practices, this holy wood is burned to cleanse negative energies giving protection from a person or place.
Peace Leather Journal
A beautiful leather journal/notebook decorated in peace signs and flowers.
Pentacle Tarot or Angel Card Bag
Black velvet effect on the outside embroidered with a golden Pentacle surrounded by green ivy and black drawstring cords.
Pentagram Altar Bell
A small silver colour brass bell for altar tables, spells,rituals etc.
Pentagram Chalice
A silver metal chalice with a hand carved Pentagram and a twisted vine design along the stem.
Pentagram Incense Resin Burner
A great, simple but stylish, incense resin burner in the shape of a cauldron standing on 3 small legs.
Pentagram Tea Light Candle Holder
A simple yet stylish tea light candle holder with a cut out Pentagram design in a cool matt black finish.
Pentagram Wand
A beautiful bronze colour wand with a Pentagram orb at the top and exquisite markings and decorations throughout.
Rainbow Crystal
A faceted glass crystal ball that creates a beautiful natural rainbow effect when light shines through.
Rainbow Marble Effect Skull Incense Holder
A wonderful and unique skull incense holder which is the ultimate ash catcher!
Relationship Worry Dolls
Guatemalan folklore says that if you have a problem, you tell it to a worry person just before going to bed.
Silver Claw Wand
A beautiful wand with a slithering snake and Pentagram symbols carved throughout the stem.
Skeleton Hand Candle Tea Light Holder
Let the bony skeleton hand light you way. Free Tea Light included!
Skull & Rose Trinket Box
Painted in gold the skull sits in the centre of a Union Jack - the detailing is fantastic!
Skull Bottle Opener
A fantastic bottle opener comprising of double skull heads.
Skull Egg Timer
An hourglass/egg timer surrounded by a circle of skulls both top and bottom with Celtic knot work design on both base.
Skull Love Heart Trinket Box
A unique skull covered trinket box in the shape of a heart which is perfect for holding small items.
Skull Mug
A Spooky Skull in Need of a Caffeine Fix!
Skull Shot Glass Set
A fantastic set of 2 shot glasses in the shape of skulls. 60ml capacity.
Smudge Bowl
A wonderful, yet simple, clay Smudge Bowl for burning Native American herbs during smudging and other ceremonial practices.
Spells & Other Thoughts Journal
80 blank eco friendly handmade sheets of white paper with a filing pocket on the inside cover.
St Michael Incense Resin
Burn for Protection and to banish evil.  30g Bag
Sunflower Bamboo Cutlery Set
Made form Bamboo which is one of the world's most sustainable materials this eco friendly cutlery set comprises of a knife, fork and spoon.
Sweet Revenge Spell Candle
A unique and powerful spell candle for when revenge, especially sweet revenge, is required.
Terracotta Army Warrior Figurine Set
These are superb replicas of the famous Chinese Terracotta Warriors.
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cool Bag
A fantastic cool bag lunch bag based on the classic Beatles Yellow Submarine.
The Complete Dragons Blood Set
A fantastic set of Dragon's Blood products all in one box.
The Complete Incense Resin Set
Containing 4 different resins, a brass burner and a tube of charcoal discs, it's everything you need to get going.

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